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Saturday, January 5, 2013

5 Year Journal

New Years Resolutions...I always have them, seldom get around to doing them.  NOT THIS YEAR!!  I have a few resolutions that I already showed you in my new planner post here.  One of my projects that I wanted to start was a five year journal.  I already am working on one that is just a sentence about what you did for the day, this one is a daily question to ask.

Last year I saw this blog post, in the middle of the year, and decided to collect all of the journal prompts and start this year.   (This is not a link, but does show you what the questions look like).  Tammy Taylor wrote this awesome article about the project and there is a link to all of the PDF sheets of questions you can check out.
So, I made my journal and got busy!  I'm actually up to date on it, haven't missed a day yet!

 I found this journal on sale at Michaels.  I paid $1!!!  I bought it a while ago, knowing I would find a use for it.  The cover looks like leather and is actually quite nice!  The pages are also heavier than you would think for a $1 journal, and when I use my Uniball 207 Micro pen (MY FAVORITE) it glides like butter.
 I set it up so that there are two days per page, and I wrote each question on the side of the day.  It gave me ample room to have space to write 2-3 sentences.  Now, some of the questions are "thinkers" but some are "What does a gallon of gas cost?"  That will be fun to look through in five years, seeing the progression of the cost!
This is the four day spread.  Nice, huh?  I could also see this in a junk journal/smash book style, making the pages prettier.  Maybe I will make one like that for the next five years.

Go check out the project...its not too late to start, it's only the 5th!  HURRY!!!

Stay crafty, my friends!!!

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scrappymo! said...

Sounds like fun. I think you got a bargain on the journal!