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Jackie and Michelle


Saturday, January 26, 2013


Welcome everybody!!  This is the Just a Few Friends January Blog Hop!!!  I am sooooo glad that you all came over to check out what I have be up to in my Den!  We have all been super busy coming up with  purrfectly awesome projects to share.  By now, you have seen several of my Cub family's projects!  You should have come to by from RJ's den, here.  Elsa, our incredibly talented Den Momma starts the whole blog hop, and if you found me whilst you were prowling around the internet, please go to Elsa's blog and start pouncing along from the beginning.  I will have a list of everyone's blogs, in our Den's order, at the end of this post.

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This month, we were challenged to come up with a calendar in honor of the new year.  I have just finished my planner, so now I wanted to concentrate on a type of perpetual calendar.  I had inspiration from these sources I found on Pinterest.  Have I told you how much I love Pinterest?  I am sure you do too!  This perpetual calendar and this perpetual calendar really caught my eye!  So, that is what I based my design on.

Without further ado, here is my project...  I have a video on YouTube also, so please some check it out!

 This hangs on my craft room door.  You only have to more the "sticks" as I am calling them.  I figured out how many of them you need to make to create any month you want to create.
The month cards are double sided and interchange easily with the clips.
 Here is a closeup of the "sticks".  I love the fact that you only have to change 7 things, instead of 31 different squares for the days.  These are also double sided.  I made nine of these total.
Hee is the back view.  I made an envelope pocket to contain the extra month cards and sticks.
 This is a closeup of the embellishments I used.
I just love how it turned out!!!  The papers are Recollections (card stock) and Graphic 45.  I used Prima flowers, Recollections bling, Tim Holtz clips, Tim Holtz Distress Ink and Stickles.  The metal embellishments are also Tim Holtz.   I made the tiny black flowers ("Teeny Tiny Rose") by using the tutorial I found here, by Scrapalette.  We Are Memory Keepers made the eyelets I used to thread the ribbon through.

Now I'm going to attempt to explain how I made the "sticks".   If you want to make your own version of this you will need to make 9 of them altogether.  They are double sided.  They each have 6 squares for the numbers of the days.  Below is the  list of numbers, I'm using the * to represent a blank square.  If you look at the pictures above, it will make more sense.  The first row of numbers on one side, the second on the other and so on.   (I realize that these are horizontal and they should be vertical but I couldn't figure out how to do it...sorry!!!  If you have questions, please let me know.)

1     8     15     22     29     *   (Then, on the other side do the following numbers)
1     8     15     22     *       *   (There is no day 29 unless it's leap year.)

2     9     16     23     *       *
*     2       9     16     23     *    (This stick is for February only, as it has 28 or 29 days

2     9     16     23     30     *
*     2      9      16     23     30  (For all other months)

3     10     17     24     *      *
*      3      10     17     24    *  (Some months have no 31st)

3     10     17     24     31     *
*      3     10      17     24     31

4     11     18     25     *     *
*      4      11     18     25   *

5     12     19     26     *     *
*      5      12     19     26   *

6     13     20     27     *     *
*      6     13      20     27   *

7     14     21     28      *      *
*      7      14     21      28    * 

So, that is that!!  I hope you enjoyed your stay in my Crafty Den.  Please go on over to Sherain has in store for you in her Den.

And, as promised, here is the list of my Den Family, in order of appearance in the blog hop.

Don't forget to leave a comment and let everyone know what a ROARINGLY GOOD JOB they did!


Jonnie's Shabby Cottage Creations & More said...

My goodness how you figured that all out so each month had the correct dates under the right days is amazing!! Pinkalicious Hugs, Jonnie

Margaret said...

Finally got here to leave a message!! Very neat calendar, love it. Big hugs to you my cub sister!!

DaileyScrapper said...

Wow. Now that's talent. I would be so confused. LOL It's beautiful sister cub.
big Roarrrrrrs!

Koala T Crafts said...

This is such an interesting way to make a calendar! Thanks for sharing this different technique. Your embellishing is beautiful! :)

Sue Hornsby said...

Really Neat idea!!! Love your format and the color combination is awesome!

Toneisha B. said...

Wow, what an amazing calendar! Terrific idea...also love how elegant it is!!

Alexis said...

So unusual I love it to pieces! Well thought out!

Alexis x

4Him said...

Great idea and very pretty!

Carol S said...

Oh my goodness! This is wonderful! So creative!

ScrapBliss ~ Yvonne M. said...

Super clever and beautiful color combo!! Love it!

Linda said...

Wow den sister ... This is amazing! I can't even begin to figure out how you created your sticks. Fantastic job and TFS! xoxo, Linda

Very21 said...

Love this idea very creative

Proudmommy702 said...

What an amazing calendar. My brain is not that analytical to figure it all out, so I am glad you did that part for me. I want to make one for my scraproom. The colors you used are perfect so I plan to scraplift the entire project. Great job sister. Roar with Pride.

Yvonne "Bon" Ledford said...

This calendar is simply PHENOMENAL!!! Thank you so much for explaining the sticks...so appreciate your time doing so! I must say that I am so blessed to be in your company...you are quite talented Sister!! This may be something I commit to making this year even if January is almost over!! It's just too AWESOME to pass up!!
Big Hugs,

Becky Dunham said...

Oh my goodness Michelle! I LOVE this calendar! I think perpetual calendars are so awesome but have never seen one like this before and I definitely want to try this! Thanks for explaining the "sticks" :)

48scrappin said...

Wow Michelle!! Amazing! tfs, hugs, Violet

Just a Few Designs said...

oh my lord! Your project consists of thinking! lol This is amazing...how did you figure out the dates for each month!! its beautiful, the brown and black combo is so elegant, wow...YOU ROCK!
thanks so very much for participating!
hugs kisses and ROARRRRS!

kdnkdd said...

I admire how and that you did this cause I would still be trying to straighten myself out. Love and love the colors.

Karen B.

Kimibee said...

Stunning Calendar Michelle, so much work and detail. Absolutely gorgeous colours too Michelle. TFS {{{hugs}}} Kimixx

Francine said...

What a beautiful calendar Michelle! Thank you so much for sharing the instructions. I have pinned it to come back to for when I get a chance to make my own!