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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Arc Planner Pages for the rest of 2013

Hi everybody!  Welcome back to the blog!  I am going to show you the pages I did for the last few weeks of my 2013 Arc Planner.  Later, I will bring you a post on how I did some little changes for the upcoming new year.  But, for today, I just want to show you these pages and how I decorated them!

 I still love my ARC planner.  I have been able to keep so many things in order, plan for future projects, and just have fun with it.  I love decorating the weeks according to the seasons and how I feel that particular week.
 I also still just love how easy it is to take pages in and out, and rearranging them is a DREAM.
 This week was busy, and the mini half page came in handy.
 December started, and my Christmas themed pages started as well.
 This page with the blues, greens, and the polar bears was my favorite during this time.  I totally should have done the whole month this way!
 But these pages are cute too!  I had too much fun with them.
I also wanted to show you my 2013 "Projects to Finish" page that I had in my planner all year long.  I decided that my main resolution for 2013 was to finish those projects I have started, and I did a very good job at it, I think.  Of course, I also got distracted by other new projects, but this helped keep me in focus to finish what this "Queen of Unfinished Projects" has started.  Those projects that didn't get done, are moved onto my 2014 list.  I really felt a sense of accomplishment looking at all of the checked off projects.  Yay me!

So that's my pages for now.  I will show you how I changed some of my book in the next post.  I also will have posts for the "Fauxdori" notebooks I made (THESE ARE COOL!) and for a stepped notebook I created.  I have other things in my little bag of tricks, I can't wait to let them out so you can see them!

Stay crafty, and organized, my friends!


  1. I love the idea of your "Projects to Finish" page. Mine are all in a box and occasionally I look in it, think about them and close it up again. If I had a "Projects to Finish" page, it would be a wonderful reminder. Thanks!
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. I love that Projects page too! I have so many projects in various stages of completion but the new is always so exciting and intriguing, I allow myself to get distracted. I may adopt this to something else I have in mind for my delayed start to my new year. (We adopted a dog and we're all still trying to learn our routine.)

  3. I vow to get all the things I've started or planned before I start any other major thing. So I made a projects in my queue page, and 2 go on this week. I can only work on these 2. When one gets done, I'll add something from the queue. Anyway, that's my PLAN. Lol. Mind games.

  4. Your planner is SOOOO AWESOME!! Could you address me to your post of where or how you do your weekly calendar?? Do you have a template? I'm so in love with everything you post!! I just recently bought myself an Arc but it's plain and boring :(

  5. Stephanie, thanks for coming to the blog! I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you! I created the page for my week on my own computer, using Apple's Pages program. I have a weird week, only working Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. That's why the other days of the week are bigger, and the format is as it is. If you want it, give me your email and I will gladly send it to you. Thanks again for looking!!

  6. I too am an R.N. but retired. Since not working have not used a planner, except iPhone/Pad calendar. It has not been working! I bought a Midori & love it but daily stuff looked uninspired … til I saw this post. Thanks for wonderful ideas on how to highlight items, make workable lists, etc. I have been madly entering lists - i.e.: daily to do's - sketch or paint, sudoku (for brain exercise), increase fruit,veg intake, etc. I also made a 2014 Project List. Previously major projects got lost in daily & weekly notes. So, thank you thank you thank you. Linda @ inknpetals.wordpress.com