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Jackie and Michelle


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March and April ARC Planner Pages

Hello Everyone.  I just wanted to share my March and April planner pages. 
 I decorate them according to my mood, and if there are specific events that I want to highlight.
Some of them are fun, some are not my favorites.  
 The one above, with the iPhone papers I used, turned out to not be one of my favorites.  It wasn't colorful enough.
 I loved this one, the roses are adorable, and it was so pretty.
 This was another one of my favorites, I liked the green, purple and yellow.  This theme will be coming back.
 I used a postcard I got from Penzy's for my menu planner.  
 This layout used leftover stickers from my Echo Park projects.  
 This week I had a couple of days that I had a lot to do, so I used some separate pages for those extra things (and stuff).

 I wrote down a lot, didn't I?

Stay organized, my friends.


  1. Love your pages. Thanks for showing them. Linda E.

  2. Thank you both! I always wonder if I should post them. I appreciate it!!