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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

60th Birthday Card

We have a coworker that recently had  her 60th birthday.  I could NOT let that go without a little ribbing about it.

This card was 50 inches long!!!  I hand cut the "candles" and punched the "flames."  The pages were attached with strips of cardstock to create the long accordion needed.  I had to create an envelope to put it in because it was soooo thick.  She loved it!


Helen said...

What a clever idea. My aunt is turning 80 later this month, I wonder what she'd think?

I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of years now but have never left a comment as I didn't have an identity. Thanks for visiting me recently, my blog is only new. Helen (Sydney)

Audrey Frelx said...

OMG, how fun and how cute!!! This is really going to knock her out!!!

I'm going to have to lift this for somebody's 60th birthday for sure... lol!

Janet said...

That is SO cute!! My mother has her birthday in May (she is 87 now)- hmm... maybe I should start making candles!!

I'll have to post this card on my blog when I make one!!