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Monday, March 5, 2012

Menu Planner

 Okey Dokey, I came up with another recipe/meal planning idea that I think is kinda cool.  I made this planner out of 5x8" index cards, cutting them into three pieces, and used my bind-it-all to put it all together.  The papers are October Afternoon, and so are most of the embellishments.  I added the crochet flower from Colorbok, the charms are unknown, but the charm attacher is Tim Holtz.  The bling for the butterfly is from Recollections.
 We do a lot of low carb in our house, so I basically have the same categories on either side...but you could put anything you wanted...salads, starches, whatever.
 The back page has a mini pocket with these index cards.  I think what I will do is put the "traditional" menus here.  When my mom made ham hock and bean soup she always served it with fried potatoes, cornbread and pickled beets.  Those kinds of menus will be on these cards for the future generations to have.
 So I am putting my recipe name, where it is located, and the ingredients on these cards.  Then as I plan my dinners for the week, I can flip through, get the combos I want, and make a list for the grocery store if necessary.  How does this menu sound?
Or maybe this one?  I think this will be so handy once it is fully filled out.  I am adding our families favorite dishes to this book.  I also think it will get me out of a rut of combining the same things all of the time...except, of course, for those important traditional meals!

Stay crafty, and HUNGRY, my friends!

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  1. What a great idea. It reminds me of those gardening books that have three sections and you just choose which page page to flip each stack to.

    You will have fun flipping through each little book and chosing which 3 to have that day.