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Jackie and Michelle


Saturday, March 31, 2012

The organizing continues...

 This is the wall unit filled with some of my stuff.  I actually have a couple "spaces" still empty.  I am going to go to Ikea today, and one of the things I am going to get is the drawer inserts for some of the spaces.  I bought the cool wire baskets at our Fred Meyer's on clearance for $7!  They are perfectly sized and go with the room!  The first one holds all of my flowers, the second all of my Christmas themed stuff, and the third, all of my Halloween stuff.  I have more under my work table sorting my kits.  Then there is my sewing machine, behind it the tackle box I have had for over 20 years as my sewing notions chest.  My mom made me the machine cover, I love it!
 The right side of my desk, and I am still figuring it out.  It will be my Cuttlebug station, but it needs to be prettier!  Do you like my monkey?  My BFF Jackie gave that to me, and she loves to hang around.  LOL!  These drawers hold all of my stamps and all of my inks.  It is not filled, so I may do some rearranging and put some other goodies in here as well.  The carousel on my desk here will eventually live on my "work desk" but I am using it not to help sort things.
This is my long table.  It holds my Cricut, and will eventually also hold my book binding gear as well.  I bought the paper holders at Michael's for my cardstock.  The tower on the left of it is holding all of my paper stacks I have bought.  I had the wire shelves in my old room, but got the bins for it new for this room.  The Ikea run will also get me some cupboards for above this table that will hold all of my fabric.  Like I said, I am still sorting stuff and organizing.  Do you see the suitcase on the paper sorter?  I found these at Craft Warehouse...I am getting more!  They are huge and match my room!  I have my recipe/cookbook embellishments in this one.  There are two on my big shelving unit that hold my distressing inks/chalks, and my spray inks.

I still have to go through my fabric...which will go in the cabinets.  I have my yarn stash, which will go into the closet.  Then I have my beading supplies, that I think will get donated.  I haven't done beading in years!  But, as you can see, I am a hoarder of craft supplies and I will probably just figure out how to keep them!!!  One never knows when you are going to need them!

More pictures to come.  I am hoping to get it all in my room this weekend so I can finish a project I started.  I am dying to show you a variation on my last envelope album!!!  I have it half done, and then the room project started!  I can't finish anything right now!  I am trying really hard, I am having crafting withdrawals!!!

Stay crafty, my friends!

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