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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ribbon Storage!

I had boxes and boxes of ribbon on spools and on clothes pins.  The boxes were a hodge podge of shoe boxes, file boxes, etc.  They were not very pretty, and I couldn't get to them easily to see what I had.  Well, those days are over!
 The space behind my door is the perfect place!  It is usually a wasted space, you can't put a lot between the door and the wall.  I bought a clothing hanger with 4 levels and 8 clips.  My over sized ribbon, special adhesive ribbons, etc go here.   Then...
I did a little DIY work and made some ribbon bobbins and used the Command hooks and...TAA DAA! My ribbons are organized, easy to get to, and PRETTY!  I have 4 more hooks on the bottom...and two more boxes to sort through.  But, when I am done, there will be no reason I can't find my ribbons!  I love this idea.  Originally, I saw the idea of Ribbon Rings online.  But, having a Gypsy and a Cricut, I created my own, and it works like a charm.  I did, however, use paper, so I chose the heaviest I could find in my stash.

I will have more pictures soon.  I am still getting sorted out!  I also sew and knit/crochet...I have  a TON of stuff to go through.

The plaque above my door...
He actually bought this for me!  My wonderful Sister-in-Law bought the one hanging on my door.  

Stay crafty, and organized, my friends!

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