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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Super Awesome Little Mini

I finished this mini album in a box yesterday, and think it is the cutest thing!!!
 It is called a "Flip Top"mini, and I found the tutorial here, on the Gentleman Crafter's site.  If you haven't seen his site yet, GO DO IT!!!  (After, of course, you get done looking here! HAHA)  Jim is an incredible, amazing, talented artist, and you will love his work!!
 The box has a top that flips open to reveal little envelopes to hold tags.  I created a closure with a Tim Holtz hitch post and a ribbon threaded through an eyelet on the bottom of the box.
 I used G45's Curtain Call papers.  (I think I am going to do a mini journal on my top 10 favorite movies.)  I cut the top piece out of a scrap of the paper, I love, Love, LOVE how that looks when you open the top.  (I am sorry the pictures are a bit fuzzy, I have to do it at a lower pixel so that I can post them!)
Here is an example of my tags.  They are only 3" tall, as this is a true mini album.  I made my pockets out of the papers. In Jim's tutorial, he used coin envelopes matted with papers.  I made 10 pockets, and then 10 tags.  I alternated brown and black ribbons for the tags. I also used distressing ink from Tim Holtz throughout.

I hope you like it!  Now, go check out The Gentleman Crafter's site!!!

Stay Crafty, My Friends!


Diana Joy said...

Yours is fabulous...love it.

MaineOkie said...

how cute i love it!