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Friday, January 20, 2012

Update on the December Daily Junque Journal

 This book got HUGE!  I did finish it this year!  HOORAY!  Last year I didn't finish my December book, but this year, it is FINISHED!!  I cheated a little, and I added all of the pictures through our kids visit with us than was done on the 6th of January, but that was our Christmas present, so it is in the book!
 I need to add something so that I can close it, I can't believe how full it is.

 I decided that it was a combo December Daily and Junque Journal, so there is random stuff in here, and it may not be in order.  Oh well.  I found that I like this format way better...I felt less pressured to do something every day.
 Our daughter came home from Iraq, and she sent us the paper from her home town where she was featured.  We also got this wonderful plaque and an American flag flown in a mission over Iraq.
 This is Christmas day, having our taco salad supper after my husband, son and I all worked that day!
 Some cards and such.
 Our grandson, Cooper.
 Cooper loved the Zoo Lights and the train ride!
More of the adventures at the zoo!

OK, that is it.  I just wanted to let you all know that I did finish it!  YEAH!

Stay Crafty, My Friends!

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genagirl said...

You always have such cool ideas! I need to get scrapping, I'm so far behind it isn't funny! thanks for the inspiration.