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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Valentine Never Ending Mini Album and Tutorial

I have made a couple of mini albums that I call "Triple Fold Never Ending".  There are links here. They are all over the internet, using envelopes to create multiple pages with different folds to them.  I came up with another configuration to put one together.
 I wanted to use envelopes in their full size.  So I got a bunch of Bazzill 7 1/4" x 5 1/4" envelopes and went to work.  First, take three of them, seal them, slice a wee bit off of the LONG side of them, and then score, leaving a 1/4" gusset in the middle as shown.  Set aside.
 Take two envelopes, leave one open, seal the one on the left.
 Use score tape to the back of one of your folded envelopes already prepared...
 Adhere the envelopes to them, so that the openings are on the "inside" as shown above.  These will create more pockets.  I made two of these, the one with the open envelope on the left is the "front" of the book, then I turned the other over so that the open envelope was on the right for the back of the book.
 I took two envelopes, sealed them, and then sliced the top of them open to create pockets.  (You can better see them in the photo below).  I took the last of the scored pieces we made at the beginning, added another score line 1/2" to either side of the scores already made, then attached the sealed and opened envelopes to the scored one, leaving the pockets of the scored envelopes on the outside, as shown above.
 This is what it looks like so far.  the cover pieces we did are in the back, and the last piece we made is in the front of the photo.
 This is the flap of the front cover, I added ATG to it like I was going to seal it, but instead...
 I put another envelope on it, effectively sealing both and creating another page.  I did it to the back cover also.
 This is what I ended up with...I also decided to slice open the pages just added at the top, to create another space for a tag.
 I used some papers, bling, tags and flowers and this cool metal watch I got today at Michael's to decorate it..
 See the pockets created with the envelopes we used to attach the envelopes together with? I made large tags for these pockets.
 The back cover.
 The middle of the book.  The tags on the left are adhered on the side and bottom, so I can slip pictures under them.
 This is the front cover opened...
 ...then opened again.
 This is the back cover opened...
...Then opened again.  I have 16 pages and 10 tags in all! It used 11 envelopes in all.

I sure hope this tutorial made sense!  I love how the 1/4" gussets made for more room for embellishments and made the book lie more flat when all decorated.

I did add ribbon from my stash, used punches from McGills and Martha, and some extra bling from Prima.

Bring on the Valentine's Day date with my Husband!

Stay Crafty, My Friends!

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Glynis said...

great mini....love it!!!! thanks for the tutorial:O)