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Monday, January 30, 2012

The New "Double Zine Fold" Mini Album, Part One

I have another project in the works.  I have seen double sided mini albums around the net, where one side opens, and then you turn the book over and it is another mini album.  You know, the ones where the back cover is actually the front cover of the other side of the book...are you confused?  I am!  HAHA!   Anyway, I was playing with a new way to fold a mini album and I figured out how to do it, and I want to share it with you.

This one is made out of a paper bag, my practice model, if you will.  See how the two sides have pages, and a common "back of the album" in the middle?
Just another view of the practice model.  I wanted to create a "two albums in one" kind of thing, and I thought that the "zine fold" would be perfect.   This is made with one sheet of paper, you can use any size you like.  Here is what I did...
 I have these huge 12x15 1/2" envelopes.  I sealed it after removing the metal clasp.
 Then I cut the right side off, and opened the sides so that it would be one long piece.  You need seven equal sections to create the pages of the book.  I measured the length of my now opened envelope, and did some math.  I trimmed it from 31" to 29 3/4 total length.  That length divided by 7 gave me 4 1/4" lengths.  This is the width of my pages.  Since the envelope is 12" wide, after folding in half, my pages are 6" tall.
 This just shows the paper folded in half lengthwise, then sectioned off into 7 equal pages of 4 1/4" each.
I scored, and folded things to show this next part easier...you need to make two slits in the middle scoreline, keeping the left, center and right pieces intact.
 Now, do the zine fold.
 You will end up with this...
  Now just fold one side one direction, and the other the opposite way.  TAA DAA!  Now you have two books in one if you want, each with 7 pages and three pockets.

Part two will show you what I came up with after using my papers and other embellishments.

Stay Crafty, My Friends!


  1. ...looks very confusing.. I'll have to take some paper bags and "do it" and then I hope it will make sense. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Love you site. Great ideas. I'm going to have to give this a go.