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Jackie and Michelle


Monday, April 23, 2012

Builder's Juice Vase

While my wonderful and awesome hubby was building my room, he sipped on what he called "builder's juice".  I threatened to keep the jug and use it for a pretty purpose...and here it is!!!
I went to Jo Ann's and got a pretty spray of silk roses to put in my new vase, and found one of my vintage crocheted doilies to put underneath.  I think it has a certain charm...and it will go perfectly with my "Redneck Wine Glasses!!!"

Stay Crafty, My Friends!

EDIT:  After I wrote the post, but before I actually posted it, I decided that the vase needed a little something...so I did this...
I was at Craft Warehouse and found these battery operated floral lights...and they fit perfectly into my vase.  Crafty Mood Lighting!

Again...Stay Crafty, My Friends!

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