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Jackie and Michelle


Friday, April 6, 2012

Taa Daa, My "Mom Cave" is complete!

My husband has been calling this room my "Mom Cave"...and here it is, done and ready for crafting!!!  And, Shandee, if you are reading this, I am going to make you some STUFF!!
 I put some of my books on the shelves that he put up for me.
 This is the complete Cuttlebug station.
 My desk, with a couple of layouts I did featuring my family!  I also came across my wedding invitation and put it under the desktop.  It is above the blue "notes" notebook.
 My bookbinding station on top of my drawers full of punches.  One of my friends gave me this picture years ago, and I didn't have a room to put it in, until now.
 My cabinets hold my fabric and yarn, and on top my cricut cartridges...there are stacks behind the ones you see also!
 Excuse the box in front of my Cricut...I had not got it on the shelf yet.
My machines and cardstock.
 My work table.  I bought this serving tray, and the doily is one I made years ago.  I got this little metal pail for $1, I put some pretty buttons in it.
 My "sewing" stuff.  Do you see the little glowing eyes to the right of the picture in the doorway?  That is Ace...he is supervising again!
The shelves above the closet.

That's it.  My room...now for creating!

Stay crafty, my friends!


Susie McGuire said...

Fabulous!! I call my craft room the scrap cave. I guess we all have a cave. lol :)

Sharon Sutton said...

Lovely and well organized...happy scrapping in your mom cave!

Domcia said...

you can invite me!!!:))
lovely room

Kathy said...

Hey, I want a "mom cave"! Love what you did! I use those new Art Bins for the Cricut Cartridges, it saves a lot of space and from time to time they go half off at JoAnn's. Can I ask where you found your large set of drawers for storing paper (or is that for projects in the works?

A Creative Operation said...

Hi, Kathy. The drawers on either side of my glass topped desk are from IKEA, as is all of the big furniture in the room. I just love these drawers. They are shallow, perfect for stamps and punches.

Thanks for the kind comments!

slr said...

You lucky girl to have such a fabulous "Mom Cave". I am just in the process of re-organizing my craft room and I have chosen those Alex Drawers from Ikea as well. How much weight would you think these drawers will hold. I have a lot of punches and I wouldn't want the bottoms to fall out. It looks like you have taken off the casters on on one set and stacked them on top of each other, right? The set of drawers under your desk look narrower and the bottom 3 drawers look like they would be about 5-6 inches (which would be good for sizzix dies and cuttlebug folders). My closest Ikea is 5 hours away and it doesn't give the inside drawer height to know what the clearance would be. I also love your ribbon storage idea. What an amazing hubby you have to do all the work he's done and to top it off the best sign in the world above your door. (I LOVE IT!)

A Creative Operation said...

slr, you are right. I did take the casters off of one set of the drawers and stack them. One whole "set" holds all of my punches and it works fine. I have been in my room for about a year, the drawers are doing great. Some of the drawers are pretty full of punches. No problems at all. The desk is three pieces, two for the sides and the desktop. Don't you just love Ikea? The items I bought have held up without any problems at all! Love that store! Good luck on your craft room organization!