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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I won a MAJOR AWARD!!!

Hi All!  I hope your Saturday is going super awesome!  As I write this, I am still in my jammies, drinking coffee, and dreading what housework I have to do after I get done posting this.  This week has been hard!  We have started using a new computer system at work, and we all know how stressful that can be.  I haven't been doing a whole lot of crafting, mostly because my brain is soooooo tired I can't!  HAHA!

I have also run into a problem...it seems that I have used up all of my Picasa image space for this blog.  I didn't realize that I could resize my pictures and that if I did that I wouldn't have used up my storage space.   I have figured out how to resize my pictures, and I am hoping that it is going to work.  I guess if you take them less that 800x800 pixels, it doesn't count towards your 1 GB limit. So, this post is also a test, using the newer picture settings, and seeing how it works.  If anyone has suggestions for me, please let me know.

So, to the blog post!  I follow Elsa at  Just a Few Designs, and have for a very long time.  She is awesome!  She is a designer for I Brake for Stamps, and I am Roses, and she also hosts blog hops throughout the year.  I have actually participated in one for Christmas with her.  Well, she also has a group of talented ladies she calls her Pride, and the Pride had a give-away associated with their St. Patrick's Day postings, and I won!
I received this awesome package of goodies last night, and it sure was one of the highlights of my week!  I received this organizer tote, the wood cut bird cages, Tim Holtz goodies and paint, and an embossing folder!  THANKS TO THE PRIDE!  They all contributed to the goodies.

Please go check them out, they are all so super talented!!!  Here are a list of the links to the ladies in the Pride, go check out their dens!!!


Stay Crafty, My Friends!


Helen said...

Woohoo, well done, how exciting!!!! I am always amazed at what you make from your stash. Helen (Sydney)

Audrey Frelx said...

I hope you get that Picasso problem worked out soon!!!

Congrats on your award, and winning that delicous-looking candy stash!

Anyway, wanted to drop in to say hello as it's been a while!!!

Just a Few Designs said...

Oh girl what a lovely post! THANKS! I WAS EXCITED for you being the winner!! Im so glad you like it!! And I just learned something, I didnt know that we were limited on our blog space!!! what a mess! I have been posting huge high desnity pictures!! lol i hate having to edit them down everytime! lol oh well...Im sure glad you liked our gift!!
take care and keep in touch!!