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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ribbon Spool Bowls

When you cook, they always suggest that you prepare your "mise en place" (meaning "everything in place".  That way your ingredients are ready for you when you are cooking.  Chefs use lots of bowls to put their ingredients in, so that when they cook, everything is ready for them.  Well, why not have bowls for crafting?  I had these ribbon spools and I was wondering what to do with them.  Then this idea popped into my head, and I prepared some "bowls" to do my crafty "mise en place" in.  

I cut the top and bottoms off of the spools, and then cut the spools in half like so.
 I stained the edges of the spools, then cut papers to fit the spools inside and out.  The tops and bottoms were cut in half also.  Then I ran the papers and the tops and bottoms through my Xyron.
 After covering the pieces, I distressed the edges, then simply glued the halved tops and bottoms to the sides of the spool halves.  Taa, Daa!
 I created crafty little catch-all bowls for all of the little embellishments that I use for a project.  That will help keep them contained and organized as I work!
An added bonus, they stack for storage!

Stay Crafty, My Friends!!!


Sharon Sutton said...

This is a such a cute upcycle idea!

Paula Touhey said...


Helen said...

What a nifty use for something that would normally be thrown away, very clever! Helen (Sydney)