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Monday, August 29, 2011

The coolest purse EVER!!!

Some girls are shoe girls, some are purse girls.  I am a purse girl.  I don't have to have fancy purses, if they are cool and functional and big they are for me.  I recently found a cooler than cool web site that you have got to check out.

 To start off with, this page in my DIY Smash Book (on the left) is the page I made to show off my MEAT LOAF TICKETS!!!  My husband took me to see him when he was here in January!  I had seen him before, in 1995, and I swore if he came back I would be there no  matter what.  I was super sick, but I went anyway, I could not miss him!!!
 So, at Music Purse they make purses out of albums.  Yes, you read right!  My first Meat Loaf cassette was this one.  I wore it out THREE TIMES!!  Then, I got it on CD.  I never had it on vinyl until now.
It has a zippered top, an adjustable handle, it is lined, and has two outside pockets.

Check out the site!  If she doesn't have it listed, send her an email.  She had this album in stock, but not made.  Since I enquired, she made it for me!  They will even, if they don't have the album you want, make one out of an album you send to them!  So, who is your favorite artist?

Stay Crafty My Friends!!!


Audrey Frelx said...

Sooooo, soooo cool!!!

genagirl said...

I love it! I am like you I had Bat out of Hell on 8track, then cassette and now on CD!!!!