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Jackie and Michelle


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The DIY Smash Book Addiction Continues...

OK, here is another one!  I am sorry that this post is "pic heavy", but I wanted to show you some of the cool pages in this book.  This was made with covers by 7 Gypsies.

 This was made with covers by 7 Gypsies.

 I found an old family finance record book at the thrift store...I love the categories!

 The flower is a postcard that I had saved and never used...until now.
 I included an envelope from the bank.
 I found these great flash cards at the thrift store also.
 Paint chips that are HUGE.

 I got the ledger binder refill papers at the local office store.  I folded them and added them.
 A brochure envelope...
 The "M" note pad was from Michael's.  At the bottom are all of the Months and the days, so you could circle the appropriate one for the days entry.
 The cd envelopes are leftovers  from work, and the recipe cards I found at the thrift store...I love them, they look so "retro" to me.
 I added some packaging from some scrapbooking supplies that looked like wood.
A cardboard page needed to be in here as well.

 More postcards...
 Packaging from  the 7 Gypsies book covers, and another recipe card!
Another paint chip.  I added mini binder clips throughout as well so that I could clip things in.

Stay crafty my friends!


Audrey Frelx said...

I'm loving each and every one of these books you do!!! I've just got to try one of these soon! Of course I won't do nearly as beautiful a job as you have but you're inspiring me at least try -- it's looks like so much fun!!!

genagirl said...

You keep inspiring me! I so want to make one of these full of the stuff I have but don't know how to use but want to have. Such a great idea.